Unfortunately, you can not play this game on mobile yet. But please check out what setting options you can have on a desktop computer (below).
Please use Google Chrome for best performance!

Zatacka XYZ

Zatacka gameplay

The game is very simple. You handle the line using two keys or mouse buttons (to turn left and right).

The goal is to not hit the borders or other players and be the last one to survive!

Despite the simplicity of the game, it is very enjoyable. It's ideal for all ages! Respect for the one who invented the game first! :)

Zatacka with new features and game modes

I've added a lot of new features to the old zatacka game. Go to the game settings and find the best settings for you.
Then add players and go to the playarea. Before you start to play I highly recommended use the fullscreen button. Which you will find the bottom right corner of the page. (only on the playarea)

Please contact me in these cases:

  • You have any new ideas about the game. I would be happy to put them in the game!
  • You find some bug(s) while playing.

Coming soon..

  • The online version of the game will be ready in the near future.
    But I think this game is much more enjoyable if the players are in one place.
    (Especially in today's world when we do everything online.)
  • You will be able to download the desktop version of the game.